Dowel Wreath

Painted red, this is perfect for Christmas, but can easily be adapted for other holidays and seasons.  Being that this wreath cost me less than $10 total, I see more of these in my future!

First, get your supplies:

* 4, 36" long 1/4" square dowels - cut each into 3 18" pieces, so you'll have 12 pieces total - you could ask the people at Lowes/Home Depot to do this for you.  Nate has a table saw, so he did it - obviously exact measuring isn't critical to the project (see next photo!)
* wood glue
* pencil
* ruler or tape measure
* spray paint in color of your choosing
* t-square (if you have it)

Pretty maids all lined in a row (obviously, perfection is not super critical)

Divide each dowel into thirds (marked at 6 and 12 inches) - this is where the t-square came in handy.  One quick swipe down the line and they were all set!

Now, turn your memories to the class game of tic-tac-toe.  We're going to make 3 boards and layer them on top of each other.  Dab glue on your hash marks of 2 pieces, laying the other two across to make the "board."

Keep going on the remaining 2 "boards".  Let the glue set for 30 minutes.

Ding!  Assembly time.  This will take some trial and error and be based on your personal preference for how you want it to look.

 Second layer,
Third layer.

Now, make some marks at your intersection to make your glue dabs.  I used a permanent marker to show you all what I mean, but wouldn't recommend it because the paint didn't cover my mark.  Valspar - bah!

Don't worry if the glue runs over a bit, I didn't notice at all once it was all dried and painted!

Now spray, and spray and spray.  Lots of angled edges to make sure you cover.  And our front door has a glass pane, so I needed to make sure the backside looked just as good as the front.  But it looks good all on it's own, right?

But we need some glittery goobers to attach.

These babies cost me a whopping 70 cents each, plus 40% off (because everything is always on sales at Michaels)  I told you, this is a SPENDY craft we're talking about here!  I used the wire snips and trimmed them down and my ever-so-trusty glue gun to attach at just the right places.

(Our hall pantry as the backdrop as I'm only allowed to craft and blog at bedtime.  It's winter and is dark at like 2 PM, so the outside, front-door shots wouldn't be as cool right now!)

So fun and easy.  Putsy waiting for the glue to dry, the skies the limit with this project!!

***All of my work was carefully supervised by Norman, our elf (from on top of the cupboards) and Liv, our silly.

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