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If you've known me, you've known that I've always been 2 things:  tall and thin.  That is, until I had my babies.  For some reason, rebounding after a 2nd child in your LATE 20s isn't very easy.  Or it wasn't easy for me - the one who, embarrassingly, is very sedate in her exercise and lavish in her food choices.

NOTE:  The next 3 months are going to contain very personal and vulnerable posts.  I am going to document my challenges with losing weight AND changing my life, or at least the unhealthy part.  Otherwise, I'm pretty awesome and if it ain't broker...  More than anything, I'm writing here as another place to make myself accountable.  Something about strength in numbers and being responsible for things.  I've heard it helps.

And before you jump in to the "you look great" talk (which I love, so I guess I won't protest too hard) let me just say: STOP.  I'm pretty sure I only have female readers (other than the occasional husband over the shoulder) and you know as well as I do that you're only as happy as YOU feel.  Compliments are great, but the internal ones mean the most.  This is totally for me. 

It's reasonable to expect that after a baby your body would need some time to adjust.  I am, however, not always a reasonable person.  After Liv, my body had gained 21 lbs.  Not a ton, but a lot for a girl who was always the "skinny one."  Life moved on, body bounced back (and the bounced up again) and here comes Avery.  Again, not a HUGE weight gain, but for me, I wasn't an ideal starting point to begin with.  I had gained 17 lbs with her, and while that number in it of itself doesn't seem like enough weight for a pregnancy, it was enough to put me at my largest point in my life.  Again - really really hard to come to terms with.

Chalking it up to baby weight, loose skin, water.... and here I am, still not fitting into clothes that I want to.  And I know why.  We like to eat out, snack on chips, having cocktails and relax rather than go for that family run we're always talking about.

Nate has agreed, we need to make some changes.  We're not junk food junkies in front of the kids.  I mean, Liv asks for broccoli more than any other food, but still.  I want to put on clothes and feel GOOD, you know?

Last weekend we went and bought "The Mayo Clinic Diet."  I had first referred to it as the "Mayo Diet," but I'm sure that's a totally different thing.  It was also during this time that I discovered I wanted a Nook Tablet.  (Santa, are you listening???)  This is a diet that requires a lot of obvious lifestyle changes, but also a 2 week period of "habit" changing activities.

A few of the critical hurdles for us will be not going out and not drinking alcohol.  That being said, the diet will start on Sunday, December 4th:  the day AFTER my 30th birthday party.  Perhaps doing this around the holidays is a poor choice setting ourselves up for failure, but at the same time, if we can support one another and stick to it, the rest of the time should be cake.  Or carrot cake at least.

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Courtney said...

Sorry, just found your blog so I'm commenting on really old posts...
I so feel you on this one though. Imagine trying to snap back in your late 20s after baby number FOUR. Oy.... I miss being the tall skinny girl. :( And I know it's just going to get harder to get back to that point the older I get(I'm 30 this summer-yikes), so now is the time. Good luck on your "get that sexy bod back" voyage!

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