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I should just vocalize again how AWESOME Pinterest is.  So much inspiration and creativity, not to mention hilarious posts like this one:


This was one of the first crafting projects I found out there, but it's taken awhile to get there.  Mostly for lack of courage at using a needle and thread (I'm much better with a glue gun) but I think it turned out OK.

What you'll need:
* buttons
* t-shirt or onesie
* needle
* thread

I've been keeping a "stash" of those extra buttons that come on pants and sweaters in the same little plastic blue cup since freshman year of college.  I decided to rake through that pile first to see what I could find for my first venture.

Turns out, I have a lot of clear or black buttons (thanks Express pants).  Not exactly the sweetie little color pallet I was hoping for for Baby Belle.  So I improvised with what I had and will probably have to take ANOTHER trip to Jo Ann Fabrics.  Shucks.

So after picking through what I had and trying different options, I settled on this arrangement.  

 Channeling my home ec days from good ole Maple Grove Junior High, I tried to remember the best way to sew on a button.  Again - better with a glue gun.

Didn't turn out half bad.

Baby legs DIY coming soon - once I get better at my seams (notice the cropping of the photo!)

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