Avery at 6 months

Avery is the happiest baby - I don't know how I lucked out again, but all I can say is THANK GOD.  If she were needy, with my highly demanding toddler - not all four of us would make it.  Someone would be sold or sent to the loony bin!

  •  Her stats:  28.5" long (off the charts again!); 18 lb, 1.5 oz (85th%)
  • She sits on her own and really enjoys being on her tummy and doing the "worm" to get to toys out of reach.  I swear she "tosses" them out so she can get them.
  • Her favorite game is peek-a-boo
  • Avery is eating baby foods and like her big sister, she's not picky! 
  • She sleeps through the night and her favorite bedtime buddies are Hopper the frog and the musical seahorse that glows and plays music.  It's the like the crack-machine for bedtime!
  • She does not like leaving her toys to be strapped into the car seat, but can usually be persuaded with a teething ring once she's in there!
  • Avery LOVES other babies, especially the one in the mirror she sees from her Bumbo seat while I get ready in the morning.  Good lookin' kid!  She's a joy and so fun.

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