Button t-shirt

I should just vocalize again how AWESOME Pinterest is.  So much inspiration and creativity, not to mention hilarious posts like this one:


This was one of the first crafting projects I found out there, but it's taken awhile to get there.  Mostly for lack of courage at using a needle and thread (I'm much better with a glue gun) but I think it turned out OK.

What you'll need:
* buttons
* t-shirt or onesie
* needle
* thread

I've been keeping a "stash" of those extra buttons that come on pants and sweaters in the same little plastic blue cup since freshman year of college.  I decided to rake through that pile first to see what I could find for my first venture.

Turns out, I have a lot of clear or black buttons (thanks Express pants).  Not exactly the sweetie little color pallet I was hoping for for Baby Belle.  So I improvised with what I had and will probably have to take ANOTHER trip to Jo Ann Fabrics.  Shucks.

So after picking through what I had and trying different options, I settled on this arrangement.  

 Channeling my home ec days from good ole Maple Grove Junior High, I tried to remember the best way to sew on a button.  Again - better with a glue gun.

Didn't turn out half bad.

Baby legs DIY coming soon - once I get better at my seams (notice the cropping of the photo!)


Chore Chart

If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen what a "challenge" my three-year old has become.  I will spare you her drama, but we're trying to encourage the GOOD behavior and deter the bad.

A futile effort?  Perhaps.

But something must be done until we overcome this hurdle of her constantly testing patience levels (that is, until we have Avery hit this stage.  I am convinced, however, that she will never change and always be my angel.  This gets me through the days - don't burst the bubble!)

Foolishly, we thought 1 week would be enough to incent our darling daughter.  If she could do three tasks every day, she'd earn a sticker of each.  Knowing that 100% compliance was not an attainable goal, I though 10 stickers would be workable - then she could earn the ever desirable "Lion King" DVD.  Mid-week, we even tossed in "Tinkerbell."

We got eight.

Disappointed with the shorting coming and another box of wine later, a new idea came to me.

Let's go day to day.

Praise and appreciate the wins and learn from those delta opportunities (can you tell I'm attending more business meetings?)

Here's Olivia's new "Chore Chart" - we explained it's the things she can do each day that help our family.  Tonight, she was totally in to it, loving the pictures - even "helped" me edit a few, even though I was already satisfied with my clip art choices.

Day to day.  Wish us luck!


Avery at 6 months

Avery is the happiest baby - I don't know how I lucked out again, but all I can say is THANK GOD.  If she were needy, with my highly demanding toddler - not all four of us would make it.  Someone would be sold or sent to the loony bin!

  •  Her stats:  28.5" long (off the charts again!); 18 lb, 1.5 oz (85th%)
  • She sits on her own and really enjoys being on her tummy and doing the "worm" to get to toys out of reach.  I swear she "tosses" them out so she can get them.
  • Her favorite game is peek-a-boo
  • Avery is eating baby foods and like her big sister, she's not picky! 
  • She sleeps through the night and her favorite bedtime buddies are Hopper the frog and the musical seahorse that glows and plays music.  It's the like the crack-machine for bedtime!
  • She does not like leaving her toys to be strapped into the car seat, but can usually be persuaded with a teething ring once she's in there!
  • Avery LOVES other babies, especially the one in the mirror she sees from her Bumbo seat while I get ready in the morning.  Good lookin' kid!  She's a joy and so fun.

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