DIY Coasters

The Etsy shop has taken up a lot of my "free" time that I would generally use for fun crafting, but I'm taking a short break to make these coasters.  All while watching an old episode of "The Middle."  {Sidebar:  SUPER excited for fall TV!!}

Super easy, super fun.  I see Christmas gifts in my future!!

Get your supplies:
  • Mod Podge - use near open window.  Got a little bit of a buzzy headache from doing this downstairs!
  • A sponge brush
  • ceramic tiles - I got mine from Home Depot for a whopping 16 cents a piece!
  • decorative paper - I used a mat stack from Archivers for coordinating colors - save on time and assembly and trim your paper to fit the tile.  I cut mine to 4 inches square thinking that's what the size of the tile was, but you'll see, they were a TINY bit large, so I have a cute white boarder on each.  Accident turned genius!

Brush a thin layer of Modge Podge onto the blank tile...

Carefully place your paper on the glued tile.  You'll have a SMALL window to wiggle the paper to re-position if necessary, but the glue sets pretty quickly to move fast, but carefully.

 Brush another thin layer over the entire tile, paper and all.

Let set, about 15 minutes according to the bottle's instructions and repeat a few more times.  I did a total of three coats.

 Gorgeous all on their own.  A quick spray of clear sealer and some felt on the bottom to prevent scratching and these are ready for a glass of wine!


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