You Are Not Alone

You may have seen my growing list of blogs that I follow along the right side of this page.  If you haven't you should check them out.

I wanted to highlight two of them, because I think they are so important as part of what I'm trying to do here - aside for entertain and show crafty things - they show a commonality among women, not just mothers, and that even in your saddest times, you are not alone in the dark.

A friend recently started up a Mama Confessional - she posts a question and we all have an opportunity to respond in the comments section.  Some questions are light and fun and some are hard to answer.  Or at least hard to answer honestly for fear of how you'll be perceived.  It's hard to admit that things are hard and not always perfect.  I try my very hardest to be honest with you all, it's a very vulnerable place to be - and if you know anything about me - it's that I like to be the strong one.  Not the weak, exposed one.  But I'm learning it so important to be capable of wearing both hats.

The other is much more shocking - mostly that I haven't found it sooner.  Being a huge fan of Little Miss Momma (and her great new look to her blog) I found this button along the advertising side to her page.  It's for Sisterhood of Secrets

LMM and I share the same mission with our blogs. 

I feel alone, but I can't be?  I have a wonderful husband, gorgeous children, family and friends for days - why do I feel like no one gets THIS.

And then there's the Sisterhood page.  I will caution, it's not for the faint of heart.  The first post I read was about spousal abuse.  Mother with two small children who's afraid to leave.  Now, I know my problems are not on this level, but the need for SUPPORT is.  I know that life is good, but that's just it - it doesn't always seem that way and it's important to know that you're not alone.  Please enjoy.

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