According to L Comes to Etsy!!

Well, I'm taking the plunge.  I've hired a woman to design my logo and Etsy branding.  I've started pricing out materials and making a product list.  I've started playing with designs and trying to decide WHAT my shop will look like.

I've lost my mind.

This little venture may make NO money.  Actually, if I could just break even, I would be thrilled to death.  But I'm hoping my style and personality can be reflected in my creations and that people actually WANT to buy them.  Sure, the ornate photo props are cute.  They're also putsy and expensive.  I'm hoping to find a niche within the "real life" fashions.

Life is hard.  Look fabulous anyway.

Stay tuned, I promise to offer coupon codes to my loyal fans!

(Shop opening around 9/1, if not sooner)


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Crystal said...

Way to go girly =) I look forward to shopping =)

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