Things You Should Know if We're Going to Be BFF

This place has become a soul-dump of sorts for me, so I figure, let's just let it all hang out.  You can know me, even if I don't know you on the same level (though I would love to - I'm sure if you're reading this blog, you are more than delightful!)

I didn't try as hard as I could have in college and regret it to this day.

I always knew I wanted to be a Mom.

I have had the same group of friends since Junior High (with some awesome new additions) and wouldn't change that for anything.  Two friends (Jenny and Courtney) I've known since I was 5-years old - this fall we'll hit the quarter-century mark.

When I was younger, because I was so tall, my pants were never long enough and kids teased me with "high waters."  I am ashamed to admit, I didn't realize what that meant for a long time!

Matt Damon is my heart throb - he is #1 on my "freebie" list with the hubs.

I was in Drama Club in junior high - my favorite role was to play Jane Curtin on "Weekend Update."

I slept with my soft blanken (yes, blanken) until I moved into the house that Nate and I own (4 years ago, he finally made me put it away.)  I can still see it in the closet, but it's never come down.

When I was little, I would write short stories on our GIANT Apple computer.. 

I met my husband at a wedding - it was supposed to be a fun weekend fling that ended in marriage 2 years later.

I delivered both my girls without an epidural.  I also didn't breastfeed either of them - and they've turned out great so far.

I grew up watching Muppet Babies without really appreciating who the REAL Muppets were.

I do not iron and have no idea how to fold a fitted sheet.
To my home's detriment, I am horrible about emptying the dryer's lint trap.

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