Special Dates Frame

Another Pinterest inspired craft that I had to do!

Super easy and the cost, amazingly LOW, which I love.  I reused a frame that we got as a wedding gift and the paper was from Archivers for less than 4 bucks!  I will say the punching of the numbers (using the free die cuts at Archivers) was super time consuming, but luckily my little crafting buddy was sleeping, so I had time to work!

 First, you'll want to figure out what numbers you'll need.  For those of you who don't know all of our birthday's and wedding anniversary, that's what the dates are.  This would be a cute grandparent frame with kids' birthday or other special dates in your world.  The most important thing is that it's special to you, no need to explain it to everyone!
I used a quick tally system to count how many of each I'll need.  I did the dumb thing and combined all the dates together not remembering that I wanted the wedding date to be a different paper.  No biggie, just Mom Brain!

Get your supplies together.  You'll need a frame of your choosing, the paper you want to use, with 1 sheet cut to the size of you "photo" frame and the rest used for your numbers.  You'll also need a ruler and some glue.  You could also use stickers or even hand-print them if you're so inclined. 

I wasn't sure what background I was going to use so I made two sets of my "wedding date."  This just goes to further point to my indecisive nature when it comes to making personal decisions.

I laid out all my numbers, A. to make sure I got them all and B. to get a sense of the colors and I still could make a decision.  So I put them both on their own background, and we had our winner!

I centered the page and then added another 1/2 the size of my numbers to find my starting line for the anniversary.  I'll walk you through the math because I realize that a HORRIBLE explanation (I was an English major, not a math major!) I have an 8 x 10 frame.  My numbers were 1 1/4 inches tall.  Half the page would be 5 inches and half the letter was 5/8 inches, so I found 5 and 5/8th and started from there.  The rest I pretty much just eyeballed the pencil lines and I think it worked out OK.   Sorry if that's oversimplified - again English, not math!

As Nate would say "Good enough for the girls I date."  Not sure what the really means or if I should be offended, but whatever.

I LOVE the yellow print that I picked and am going to use it for another project (yeah!)  Styrofoam covered with paper and the edges trimmed with ribbon.  Hello easy and cute!

Til next time...

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