Photo Wall Revamp

In our split level home, we have a back wall where I've hung photos of the girls as they've gone through their "newborn" and "birthday" photo sessions.  Just think, for over 2 years, Liv got the wall all to herself, but now she's forced to share.  And what's worse, with my redecorating attempt, she's going to have to share with Nate and me too!  Typical strife of the oldest child :)

I found this link on Pinterest, care of Brand Sushi and thought it would be amazing to share with you all, in case you're going through the same revamp that I am.  See - we can't buy a new house right now (mostly because we can't SELL the one we've got) so we're making the one we have "newish" to us.  Almost four years - I'm bored!

The page is actually to sell you templates, but the photos give good inspiration for whatever look you may be looking for.  Flexibility is key!

I do believe I will be using the brown wall-option, with the picture shelves.  There are options for wrapped canvas, which is another project I'd love to take on with something fun and funky to brighten up the space.  We have great windows down there, but hello, it's a split level, so half the wall is underground!

Looks like I'll need a 10x20 frame, 11x14 frame, there's a 10x10 shown, but I have my fabulous 8x10 option of important family dates, and a 5x7.  Bummer.  Shopping.  Probably at Pottery Barn.  Shucks.

My would-be-painter got a new job (yeah) so that means my painting project is getting shifted back to our already overflowing weekends (boo).  I promise to post photos of the end result...

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