New Baby Fish

This weekend, with the 90 degree weather, you KNOW we had to go to the pool to soak it all in.  It's days like those that make us Minnesotans endure the winters here!  I took a brave leap and let Avery come in the water sans swim diaper.  There's a photo of my mom and me when I was little (probably about 5-6 months) just like these.  My mom has 80s hair and I'm bald as can be and naked as the day I was born, but we're all having a blast in the water.

I love that I get to relive these moments with my kids.  Never in my childhood days of paddling around that pool until my lips turned blue did I think "I want to do this with my kids," but here I am.  Snapping the same shots that were taking nearly 30 (ugh!) years ago.  I still have to sit back and think - I'm a mom.  I'm a MOM of TWO kids!?  When did that happen?  When did I get so old?!  And time is only speeding up. 

Nate admitted to me this weekend that he knew he was old when we were watching "Friday Night Lights" when he sympathized with the parents of the college student, rather than the college student.  Granted, we're watching parents of daughters - heaven help us.  The drama of being a teenage girl was painful enough first hand - I can't imagine having to watch my babies go through it.  My babies will grow up and fall in love and get hurt and that's just not OK with me.  The getting hurt part, not the falling in love part.  But I'm smart enough to know it's just something you do.  A right of passage.  Gonna need a lot of Ecco for those days :)

Until then, I'll just enjoy the moments while they're little and the drama is considerably less.  Don't get me wrong - Liv is a D-R-A-M-A Queen these days, but she's also 2 going on 22.  It's her right as a toddler, I guess.  Or at least that's what I'll tell myself to manage the tantrums and hugs.

Just keep swimming Mamas.

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