Good Thing, Bad Thing

My girlfriends will attest that this "game" has been around for a very long time.  It started when we would all get together during college.  Tell me 1 good thing and 1 bad thing that's happened to you in XX time period.  It was a great way to keep up on everyone and share stories.

I still love this.  I am probably the only one.  I like knowing what's going on and it's an easy way for everyone to have a turn to share - whether they want to or not!

Good thing:  I got a new job!  I'll still be with my same company, but just moving on and up.  Very excited - I start next Monday.

Bad thing:  Nate lost his!  Without warning, bam, and we're down again.

Now I could bitch and moan and cry, but I've already done that.  I shed some tears yesterday and now we're moving on.  Life sucks without money, but life would suck a lot more without other things.  We have a great family support system, awesome friends, healthy kids and a home, food, heat and all those other things you NEED in your world (just with tighter purse strings for the time being)

Sadly, this isn't our first round of playing the one-income game, but we're smarter now and more importantly, we know we can survive it.  Or at least history would suggest that we can!

I am insanely jealous that he gets some free time home (and gets to spend time with the girls) but I am also excited to start my own new job and that adventure.  Look at it this way, I'll get my handyman, cleaning service back again.  Just in time to repaint the downstairs living room for all my redecorating ideas (mostly all on the cheap to begin with!)

I've got a couple projects in process, so check back soon for the tutorials and final projects.

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

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