Favorite Weekend of the Summer

I love cabins.

Don't get me wrong, I am not an "outdoor" girl, but cabins - the lake, the sun, the family and laughter, the indoor plumbing, I love it all.

A few years ago, Nate and I started going up to The Scheeweis Lodge in Clearwater, MN.  It quickly became our tradition and one I really, really love.  We hang out, decorate for the Fourth of July with flags and other red-white-and-blue do-dads and have more fun with the best people than karma should be allow.  Oh, and don't forget the life jacket "diapers" in the swimming hole and filling the fridge with more food and booze than 6 adults would ever consume in a mere 3 days (though we try!) 

This year, Miss Avery got her first taste of the Lodge.  Despite the booger nose, she had a wonderful time and was the happiest when he was outside watching the leaves (either in the arms of Grandma Carol or her Uncle Steve.  And my sassy almost-3-year old.  She was so excited A. to see Genna and Steve and B. to go on a boat ride, I don't know that she thought about much else in the days leading up to our trip.  Also, for the 2nd year in a row, she caught about a fish a minute from the dock - something about that lucky Snoopy rod!  Not that it was a competition, Uncle Steve, but so far, she's got you beat.

We snapped over 200 photos and about 40 minutes of video - would have been more, but the Flip battery wasn't as charged as I thought!  I can't wait until next year when there will be another little girl in a sweet summer romper (and a drink in Genna's hand again.)

With the weather being what it's been - high and low and violent and calm, this weekend finally felt like summer and I can't wait for more of it.

Everyone should have friends as great as these.  Big hearts create big smiles.

That's what she said.

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