I have been given two beautiful, wonderful girls.  Olivia will be 3 in September and Avery is almost 3 months old.  Avery is at that very cute "social" stage in her development.  She smiles at faces, turns to voices, coos and talks back.  It's so fun to see this little lump grow and respond.

I'd like to say that she loves me best and reacts the most for her mama.  But her sister Olivia is her world these days.  She hears her voice and calms down.  Liv entertains Avery while she's on the changing table, and just tonight, I sat Avery up to burp her and she looked over at her big sister (mesmerized by "Jake and the Neverland Pirates") and gave her the biggest smile, even though Liv didn't even know she was there.  She LOVES her big sister.

Being a little sister myself, I know how that goes.  My Molly was my everything as a kid.  I wanted to be with her, do what she was doing, not miss a single moment and I realize now, I was a giant pest, but all I did was love her to the tips of my toes.  I am smart enough to know that the gleen of a baby sister will soon wear off for my big girl and Avery will become a pest just like me.  While Nate will sympathize with Liv for being the oldest, I will encourage Avery for being the youngest and loving her sister to the tips of her toes.

I won't be able to convince her when it will bring comfort, but she won't always be the pest - or at least not always as BIG of a pest as a true "little sister" can be.

To this day, I still love my big sister to the tips of my toes.  I love being a woman, and a wife and a mom with her.  We used to crimp our hair and play "hair salon" in the bathroom, among fighting over space and clothes and lord knows what else girls fight about. Now we're dressing up our own girls, talking about home decorations and pasta recipes, among other adult-like things, like managing a home and family and work and the world.   

Two healthy babies.  That's all I wanted - boy, girl, purple or green.  I didn't care.  But now, knowing that I have two sisters in my home, I love it even more.  I love my Molly and I know Avery will love Olivia the same way.  I can only assume the feelings are returned from both big sisters, but that's not why we give love, is it?

Olivia and Avery

Nora's Baptism (Avery's there, you just can't see her yet!)
At my shower for Olivia

Molly and me on her birthday

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there."


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