Paper Flower Vase Filler

Got this idea from Pinterest, my newest obsession.  I tweeked the flower design - I pushed two flowers on a pin and twisted them so they had almost a full circle of petals.  The original design had one flat flower and one bent.

This project was incredibly easy, but incredibly putsy.  My thumbs ache right now after 1, but I can't wait to make more.  I will be investing in a thimble!

You will need Styrofoam balls (size of your choice, I used 4"); cardstock of your choice (this size took about 2.5 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper), punch (I tried to snap a shot of the Fiskars one I used, but it's a 5 petal punch), small head push pins and a Styrofoam block.  I purchased multicolor pins (they were half the price as the white pearl ones) and spray painted them white.

Tip:  My second round of pins (I used them all on the first 4" ball) I plan to put a scrap piece of paper between the pins and the foam.  The spray paint ate away at the foam.  Also, try to push the pins down as far as you can (and still get them out)  Paint on the pin portion makes it harder to push them thru paper and foam later.

Layer the flower on the pin and start adding them to the foam ball...

.... and keep pinning...

And you're done.  And you have super sore fingers, but an awesome decor item for your home!  And yes, that's the devil dog thinking this ball is for her.  I have no doubt, she would need 4 seconds to tear through this thing!

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