Lucky in life

I hate to make this sappy. I want this blog to be funny and fun. But my mind is realing with the notion that my kids picked me to be their mom.

I was reminded again today with how incredibly fortunate I am to have the kids and family that I do.  Nate and I have said on more than one occassion that we don't always have what we want, but we have what we need.  The bank account is never over-flowing, but we always seem to manage to get what we need for us - even if what we "need" at the time seems silly and frivolous.  My heart aches to think of our good friends and the hardships they have faced, especially with their kids.  Sick kids, kids who leave their parent's arms far too soon, kids who don't even ever get to be kissed.  How is it that we basically decided one night over a glass of wine, "Let's have a baby," and Olivia was born?  And then, without meaning to, we are given this sweet baby Avery?  How is that we are deemed fit?
I guess the simple answer is we're always given what we need, not what we want.  Do I mean to say that my darling friends and their gorgeous babies NEEDED to have the fate they did?  Not exactly.  But without them, the world wouldn't be where it is today.  I wouldn't be the mom I am if I didn't know their stories.
I guess we don't always realize what we need, but have to trust that someone out there does.

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