Honey Do List for Summer

Believe it or not, Dave Ryan's morning show inspired this post.  They have a "bucket list" for summer.  Obviously, it's not the true concept, but something similar.  So I brought this up to Nate over our anniversary dinner at Pittsburgh Blue, and we thought we'd come up with a summer list as well:
  1. Learn to cook the perfect scallop
  2. Enroll Liv in dance classes
  3. Have a family portrait taken
  4. Grill a rack of ribs
  5. Take Liv to Como Town for rides
  6. Use our 2nd "all day" wristband at Nickelodeon Universe
  7. Watch fireworks over the 4th of July Weekend
  8. Make a wreath for our front door
  9. Shampoo all the carpets (not a glamorous one!)
  10. Stain the deck and throw a fabulous party for it's unveiling
  11. Learn to bake cake pops for Genna's baby shower
  12. Organize something fun for our street on National Night Out (August 2nd!)
There are a million more "home" projects to add, but I'm trying to keep this fun.  We'll see how things go.  I'm glad we'll be able to check off #7 in a few days.  Liv is finally old enough, I think she can make it for fireworks at the cabin.  Can't wait!  Last year, it was the best weekend we had all summer - I hope we can recreate that this year!

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