Hair Clip Board

This project came about at the request of my sister.  I'm glad that she wanted one for her sweet Miss Baby, Nora, because Liv sure had enough chips and bows to fill two of these!

You'll need:
  • A frame of your choosing - I recommend at least 12 x 18 - the bigger the better, just make sure it's going to fit the wall space.  I promise, you won't have any issue filling it up!
  • Fabric large enough to cover the "backing of the frame"
  • Batting
  • Ribbon - I recommend 1" grosgrain (no wire)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tape
  • Paper clips (not shown) 

Remove the glass and cardboard backing from the frame.  Trash or keep the glass - we won't be needing it for this project.  Trim the batting and secure to the backing board with hot glue.  Trim the excess before wrapping with fabric so it fits snuggly back into the frame.

Trim the fabric to the size of your backer, plus about 1-2 inches to wrap and secure on the reverse side. 
To attach the fabric, wrap around the backing and secure on 1 side with the tape.  I find this helps you pull the opposite side taught.  Run a bead of hot glue along your non-taped side.  Start from the middle, pull and secure the side.  Repeat on opposite sides.

Fold the corners like a present.  You can use a little tape or hot glue to secure the corner in place.  Run a bead of glue and secure in the same way as the first 2 sides.

Cut 4 ribbons to length over the board, plus about and inch or so to wrap around on the backside.  Center the first ribbon and secure.  Repeat with the remain 4, leaving 1 empty slot on either the right or left side.
This is where you can add loops for headbands if you'd like.  This step is optional - if you don't want this, just use 5 straight ribbons.
Choose the side based on your space (ours in in the bathroom, so we had the mirror and doorway to contend with)

Cut a length of ribbon about 3 times the length of your board.  This is going to be more than enough, but I've done this enough to know it's better to have something to trim off than not have enough!

Starting at the bottom, loop the ribbon up and fold over; about 3 inches.  Secure with a paper clip.  Repeat 2 or 3 more times depending on the size of your board.'

First, squirt a little glue into the "loop" and then secure to the loop to the ribbon (shown on the left in this shot).  I promise, it'll make sense once you're there.

Secure the 5th loop ribbon and position the board into the frame.  Secure back to the frame using the "prongs" that are attached to the original frame (this is why it's key to not add extra bulk to the sides so it fits back in nicely.)

Miss Mari is going to enjoy this board, if I do say so myself!

Here's ours, from one little girl.  Lord knows how many more we'll collect with the second!!  So worth it for the organization factor!  Enjoy!

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