Felt Rosette

After the inspiration of many, I have created a flower that I hope you find as darling as I do!

You'll need:  scissors, felt of your choice and a hot glue gun. 

Start by cutting out circles, depending on how large you want your flower.  You'll need about 10-12 circles for petals, 1 to glue them to and then, if you're making a hair accessory, a second to back it.  I used 2" circles for the backers and 1.5" for the petals.  It made a flower about 3.5-4" in diameter.

Fold each circle in half, and then half again. 

Cut off the tip of your rounded triangle piece.

Dab hot glue onto the missing point and press onto one of your "backer" circles.  Repeat steps and keep gluing them around the edge of the circle first and then move in to the center.  Alternate directions as you see fit to make the flower look "natural and freeform."

As you can see, it looks a little funky at first, but I promise once you get all of the petals on, it will be beautiful!

 And there you have it!  A lovely rosette fit for a pin, hair tie or even baby head band...

I bought this pack of Goody headbands at Target - sized perfectly for a baby head.

I wanted to just use the "white side" but in any case, find the seam and this is where you'll place the rosette.  Dab a little glue on the seam and place and rosette on there.

Take your second "backer" circle and put hot glue over the entire surface.

Stick on the back of the rosette and...

Now, where can I find a baby to try this on...

There's one!

Happy Crafting!

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