Felt Rosette - Wavy Petals

This is the same as my 1st Felt Rosettes, but just a different shape to the petal.  Refer to the detailed steps in the Felt Rosette for more photos.

Materials you'll need:  scissors, felt of your choosing and hot glue

Cut out about 7-8 five-petal flowers.  I made my own template, but just keep mind it doesn't have to be perfect - it won't make one bit of difference once they're glued down.  The smaller one is about 2" across (shown).  I made a larger flower too, and that one was about 4" across.

Fold each petal in half, and half again. 

Snip the ends and glue to your circle backer.

Work at gluing the petals around the edges of the circle first and then stick the last two or three in the middle - ta da!  You have a lovely flower.

The two sizes I've made...

This will go on Baby Belle's head when she wakes up tomorrow.  Funny how most of my "free time" is after 8 PM.

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