Dear {blank}, please {blank}; part two

All those things you wanted to say, but then you bit your tongue and just didn't...  Until now...

First installment {here}

Dear Facebook,
Please stop with the friend recommendations.  I am already "Facebook friends" with people I went to high school that I wouldn't recognize if I passed them in Target.  Just because a person and I share one mutual connection, a blossoming relationship will most likely not happen.

Dear Women in Hoop Earrings at the Gym,
Please take better care of your appendages.  Aren't you worried you're going to tear something?  I'm cringing just watching those things bob and smack the sides of your jaw.

Dear Essential-Oil Lovers,
Please don't judge me.  I am perfectly happy popping a few Advil for my aches and pains.  I don't want to roll, sniff or otherwise anoint myself.  When did we become such haters of good ole fashioned modern medicine anyway?

Dear Darling Daughters' Laundry Pile,
Please stop growing so quickly.  I swear, we do your laundry three times a week and can't keep up.  Are you wearing four outfits a day without me looking?  How does this happen.  Plus, your clothing is so much smaller than mine.  A "normal" sized basket is never-ending to fold and put away!

Dear Spring Weather,
Please don't take long to come around, and stick around.  Avery looked so longingly out the window and sighed, "I wish I could just go ride my bike.  But I know I can't."  And then did that 17 more times.  I'll trade the cabin fever for dirty feet, skinned knees and bug bites any day.

Dear Amazon Echo, aka Alexa,
Please don't take until June to arrive.  Please let this be Amazon setting the bar really, really low only to arrive early, delivering maximum customer satisfaction.  Curious what Alexa is - check it out {here}  It's basically Siri for your house.  And she's come to our home SOON (or in like two months, but whatever!)

Dear TV Meteorologists,
Please tell us - how much is your "coat and jacket budget."  We're in Minnesota, so granted, it's necessary for those "outdoor" forecast shoots in the spring, winter and fall, but I swear - these people hardly duplicate a look!  How many jackets does a person need!?

Dear Game of Thrones, Season Five,
Please don't disappoint.  I am excited to have you back and really don't want you to suck.


one moment.

A single photo  - capturing a moment from the week. (and because it's been awhile, I'm being a little "loose" with that stipulation!) A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.  {inspired by Soule Mama}

a beautiful sight for beautiful girls.



I am flawed, as we all are.

I look at those women on Instagram with their beautiful, calligraphy Psalms, highlighted and color-coded Bible pages and inspirations quotes and think:  Why can't I be happy like that?  They seem very calm, and content, and happy - what am I missing?

I have struggled with my faith, as I'm sure even the most "faithful" do on a regular basis.  I mean, isn't the the cornerstone of faith - test it constantly to make sure it is strong and supportive.  Why else would you kick the tires every time you pump gas?

Easter Week just happened - the holiest of Holy weeks.  Bigger deal for Christians that Christmas, even thought Christmas does steal the commercial-show every year, doesn't it?

I am trying very hard to be inspired.

To feel that sense of calm and warm and joy that I see all these other strangers in "Social Media Land" have, and just can't find it.

Then I thought, maybe I'm forcing it too hard?  A watched pot never boils (even though that is the dumbest expression because provided you're not watching a pot with the stove turned off, of course, it will eventually bubble.)

I try to be patient.  Pray quietly, and fear that I am not heard - or worse yet, I am heard, and ignored.

I fear that I have done wrong, and have fallen from favor.  And then I remind myself, I don't really believe that happens, so that can't be it.

I am afraid that I am too selfish or greedy - you get what you get, don't throw a fit.

The hard fact may be that I'm not looking in the right place.  Wrong church, wrong reading, wrong day, wrong mindset, who knows?

This is a very disappointing post - I don't have a neat little package to wrap up my tale of search.  No silver lining, and now I feel light and bright and beautiful.  Just a little lost in the dark still.  But I haven't given up all hope just yet.

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