Caramel Apple Sangria

I do love a good sangria - with or without the fruit garnish.  And I do love sangria with my playgroup moms.  Yes, we are mothers who will have a drink while our kids play.  Turns out, we can tolerate a lot more rowdy play and mess when there's a cocktail involved.

I had the pleasure to sample this little gem with a few gal pals.  Wanna know how to make it?

1-750 ml bottle chilled, white wine, I recommend a pino grigio or something else that mild and dry
1 cup caramel vodka
6 cups apple cider
1-2 apples, cut into small pieces
{adapted from The Wholesome Dish}

You can make this one of two ways - the boozey way, or the super boozey way.

Boozey way:  simply mix everything together in a pitcher and serve, over ice especially if you wine isn't that cold.

Super boozey way:  soak apples in vodka for 1-2 hours before mixing it all together.  This is an especially good plan if you didn't have any other snacks for your cocktail.  Eating the caramelly apples will only make those children's whoopings from the other room during to soft crickets.

Pour into a glass and enjoy.  And make sure, if your darling friend is going to be a hand model for the drink, she's wearing a GORGEOUS ring.  Look Cheska, you're famous!!

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Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

I love all-things caramel all-year long.  I do not restrict my caramel-filled treats to the fall, when there are apple orchards and pies and such.  It just so happens that it's Christmas, so there's a tree in the background, but trust me, this is a simple cocktail that will make an appearance just as easily in the summertime!

All too easy, simply pour a chilled bottle of your favorite hard cider with a shot of caramel-flavored vodka in a glass and sip (or slurp) away!  Be warned, the caramel vodka is sweet - and you're basically drinking two cocktails at once, so do so at your own risk (or reward, as the case may be!)

I also made a Fireball Cider cocktail!  Check it out {here}

Fireball Hard Cider Cocktail

Welcome to the season of holiday drinks (like December is somehow different from any other time in the year!)

I recently had the chance to skip picking up Liv from the bus, and having a few drinks with co-workers.  It was a rare, but much needed experience for me!  We do go out to restaurants as a family often, I rarely get to go out on my own.

On this night, I Ordered wine, two others ordered drinks and the fourth... she ordered a cider beer with a shot of Fireball.  Whoa.  It was only a Tuesday.

My first, and only experience, was a couple months ago at a wedding where it was suggested we do shots.  I hadn't done a shot in about 4 years, so this wasn't going to go well.  I coughed and laughed like a freshman in college.  Proud moment when you can't hang like you're 19 anymore.

But anyway, she wasn't ordering the shot to take all on it's own, she mixed it with the cider.  I was intrigued!  And for Christmas, it just so happened that the same instigator of the Fireball Wedding shot gave me my very own bottle to try.  So I did!

The recipe is simple:

1 bottle hard cider (we like Angry Orchard around this house)
1 shot of Fireball, or other cinnamon whiskey of your choice.
Pour both into a glass and drink up!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

I also tried one with caramel-flavored vodka!  Check it out {here}

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